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Our Tracking System

Whether you are a private or professional ISITRACK is the geolocation solution for your needs.

Discover an innovative geolocation system efficient and easy to use with which you can locate, navigate, communicate and analyze in real time the movement of people or vehicles.

The geolocation solution combines two aspects of ISITRACK:

  • Using a GPS tracker,discrete device or real GSM.
  • Using an internet platform for web-ISITRACK individuals using the software ISITRACK-PRO for Professionals.

Each GPS unit sends data to our central server, ISI-SERVER, which processes and sends data back to website and software ISITRACKWEB ISITRACK-PRO.

By our powerful location-based server and a wide range of trackers, our location-based solutions fit the demands of professionals and individuals need for simplicity.

Accessible from any computer or smart phone you can control your own GPS units and view them in real time on GOOGLE Maps.